October 1, 2022


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Driving license biometrics could form pan European ‘perpetual law enforcement line-up’: Statewatch

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Write-up-Brexit British motorists would also be provided in the Prüm II biometric network

Any holder of an EU driving license will have their details and biometric information and photograph included to a pan-EU network of police facial recognition devices if ideas by the Council of the European Union go in advance, stories checking group Statewatch.

This would make license holders out there for cross-border queries which would make them portion of a ‘perpetual line-up,’ in accordance to Statewatch, employing the expression coined by scientists at Georgetown College in the U.S. who found that 50 percent of all American grownups are in a legislation enforcement facial recognition network.

From Prüm I to Prüm II

The move would be manufactured possible by an addition to the text of a new protection legislation, Prüm II.

The original Prüm framework regulates the trade of specific knowledge and biometrics together with DNA and fingerprints as perfectly as auto registration knowledge.

In December 2021 the European Fee proposed much more productive collaboration for EU law enforcement forces including greater facial recognition details-sharing. Proposed adjustments would permit cross-border arrests in a chase, and a central ‘router’ to act as a pan-EU information conduit. The proposals did not consist of driving license info. The recommendations have been achieved with outcry from privateness campaigners who claimed that they would take out the safeguards of a authentic reason becoming needed to share sensitive knowledge throughout borders.

Now, as nicely as the connecting of police facial graphic databases, driving license info could also be pooled. And according to Statewatch, “Various secretive performing groups that laid the groundwork for the [December 2021] proposal also viewed as the risk of which include other kinds of details, these kinds of as that from identity or civil registration databases. These, so significantly, continue being out of the text.”

The Council of the EU’s up to date text appears to approve the inclusion of driving license sharing and certain member states have by now arrive out in favor of sharing the info, like Sweden. Even so, Sweden’s delegation has nonetheless questioned the legality of the proposal more than its proportionality.

Uk motorists could also have their biometrics shared

As the Uk is continue to component of the Prüm framework following Brexit, and has the selection to be a part of Prüm II (without Parliamentary scrutiny) as per the terms of its Trade and Cooperation Agreement with the bloc, British isles driving license holders could also be provided in the database sharing.

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