February 21, 2024


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I’m an skilled mechanic – my 5-step checklist before embarking on a long highway excursion

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AN professional automobile technician has stated the most essential matters to check out your motor vehicle for before a highway vacation to make certain you really do not knowledge mechanical failure along the way.

The gearhead summarized his suggestions in a video posted on Royalty Automobile Service’s TikTok account, boasting over 185,000 followers.


Royalty Automobile Assistance mechanic Sherwood shared what to check out in your car prior to you embark on a prolonged highway vacationCredit history: TikTok/royaltyautoservice
Sherwood stressed the importance of making sure you have a fully-inflated spare tire for your road trip


Sherwood pressured the great importance of earning guaranteed you have a completely-inflated spare tire for your road tripCredit score: TikTok/royaltyautoservice

This clip from Royalty Car Service (@royaltyautoservice) begins with a mechanic, Sherwood, instructing viewers to check their wipers and washers.

He emphasised: “You want to be positive the wipers distinct the windshield and the washers spray the total windshield.”

Sherwood extra that parts outlets commonly put in new wipers for totally free.

Next, this skilled mechanic instructed checking your car’s headlights, taillights, change indicators, and license plate lights with a good friend.

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Sherwood stressed the significance of license plate light performance given that you can obtain a ticket when this feature is not operating.

This experienced technician also instructed viewers to check out their tires’ stress.

He mentioned that you’d uncover your tires’ right inflation amount, which include your spare, marked on a sticker inside your driver’s doorway jamb.

Sherwood employs a pencil tool that you can acquire for around $10 to get an accurate tire pressure looking through in minutes.

This car mechanic proceeded with his tutorial by inquiring viewers to open up their hoods to examine fluid degrees for their brakes, washers, coolant, power steering, transmission, and oil.

You can refer to your vehicle’s owner’s manual to track down each and every of these liquid reservoir tanks less than your hood.

The tanks will have complete-to-minimum markings that assist you confirm their levels.

You will test your oil amounts with a dipstick underneath your hood that normally has a yellow or orange tackle.

Pull the dipstick from its sheath beneath your hood ahead of wiping the resource off and reinserting the ingredient into its holster.

Eradicating the dipstick a next time will leave oil markings on the base of the instrument indicating no matter if or not you will need a change.

And finally, Sherwood requested viewers to check out their vehicle’s battery cables are protected by pulling them to see if they are restricted right before cleaning any corrosion from the unit.

Sherwood holding the pencil tool he uses to check a tire’s pressure


Sherwood holding the pencil software he works by using to verify a tire’s stressCredit rating: TikTok/royaltyautoservice
Wipe off your dipstick before re-inserting it into its tube to check your car’s oil levels


Wipe off your dipstick prior to re-inserting it into its tube to look at your car’s oil concentrationsCredit history: TikTok/royaltyautoservice

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