February 21, 2024


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Motorists With Vanity License Plates Are Dumber With Decreased IQ in Study

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Self-importance license plates are a frequent target of ridicule and scorn. As the identify implies, some men and women take into account them to be “vain” — excessively broadcasting one’s self-worthy of, talents, wealth, auto, or other belongings. With these sentiments in head, the results of a the latest examine are intriguing. It identified that motorists with self-importance license plates are dumber with a decrease IQ. 

Lower IQ scores for motorists with personalised license plates

Colorado vanity license plate | Jakob Rosen through Unsplash

Very first off, we’re not in this article to judge drivers with self-importance license plates. People get individualized plates for many causes — and it is not often egocentric. Some motorists have them to endorse their business, while other folks like to incorporate a dose of humor.

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